media, Videography, & Design

Catholic Junior College


One of the simpler projects began during college with the designing of advertising banners and posters.

"Hundred" Music Video

A notable project was done together with Keng Teng, whom helped to film and allowed us to use his equipment!

*Video can be viewed on my instagram page.

Kent ridge hall culture night trailer

Trailer done for Kent Ridge Halls' Annual Culture Night. Introduction sequence edited by me and video shot, edited and put together with Wei Xuan.

"WastedSG" DJ Events & parties

Posters and promotional content such as these were designed and edited using procreate. Background was drawn from scratch and pieced together with other elements accordingly.

Kent ridge hall culture


During my tenure as culture director in Kent Ridge Hall, these were some of the designs done for the promotion of the "K8" culture groups within hall on Instagram using procreate. All elements were done from scratch and pieced together.