You there! Thank you for visiting my artist website. My name is Elias but most people call me Ely. I am 24 and born in Singapore. I started my  journey at the age of 6 and music has continued to be not just a passion but a way of living for me! I began singing, playing the guitar and piano for worship till 10 where my curiosity led me to discover and learn various other instruments such as the drums, bass, electric guitar, and the technical aspect of sound engineering and Audio-Visual systems. I eventually concluded that Vocals and  guitar were the two main forms of artistry that I would specialise in and further develop. However, I realised that performing alone was not enough. I wanted to release my own music and learned how to produce/mix/master my own songs together with my own music videos and art. With this, I began producing as well as developing design and videography skills at 16 and have been doing so ever since. Beginning of my Catholic Junior College era in 2017 came my nightlife phase where it inspired me to learn DJing/Turntablism. I have had a multitude of opportunity to mentor and lead others who are just as passionate in music as me. Some of my notable experiences include Choir President of the Catholic Junior College choir, Chairman of the Kent Ridge Hall Turntable Committee, and Culture Director of Kent Ridge Hall. Till this day, I continue to discover much from both more and less experienced musicians in the scene and I have made it my purpose to make my impact in the music industry as an artist, a mentor, and a friend.


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